Uses Of The Garden Spade – Complete Guide (2022)

This tool is usually used with the two hands holding it at the handle(one wrapped around the handle and the other on the stem for stability) and the working end pointing downwards and away from the toes. It has the following uses:

Garden Spade
  • It is used for digging and planting holes.
  • It can also be used for slicing under sod when preparing to pant a lawn.
  • A spade is also useful for working the soil and breaking up large clumps of soil
  • It can be used to move heaps like when loading a wheelbarrow.
  • The sharp edge can be used to edge lawns and demarcate walkways. It can also be used to clear snow off driveways.
  • It can be used in preparing a nursery bed.

Care Of The Garden Spade

  • Clean soil and organic matter after use and let it dry before storage.
  • Store it by hanging it on a garden tool rack or in a tool shed.
  • If metallic parts are not made of rust-proof material then oil before attempting to store for long periods.

Safety Tips

  • Always use garden boots when you use a spade. The blade is a common cause of garden accidents.
  • Hand gloves made of cloth would prevent the formation of callouses and blisters.
  • Use safety glasses especially when there is a risk of flying objects entering the eyes. Like when slicing under the sod.

Selection Tips

  • Stem length is an important consideration. Spades come in different lengths. Some are short and are good for working on nursery beds while some are long and are good for larger jobs that are done while standing.
  • Get one that doesn’t require you to bend too low to work. If you must bend too low, it would help to use a kneeler or garden stool.
  • Check the grip at the handle. Make sure you’re comfortable with it. It should be able to prevent slipping of the tool while working.
  • Ensure that the handles are not too small for your hands. The hole in the handle should allow you to wrap your fingers around the handle and still have some room left.
  • Blades made of rust-proof metal last longer.
  • Rubber-sleeved metal handles are gentler on the hand than non-sleeved metal handles.

Murray Riding Lawn Mowers

The benefits of Murray riding lawnmowers over the other walk-behind models will be especially relevant to you if you fall into one of the following groups.

  • You have a large lawn.
  • Your lawn has a lot of slopes
  • You have a physical disability that prevents you from using wake behind mowers.
  • You’re just plain lazy and want to mow with ease.
  • Riding mowers certainly make mowing much easier but you have to pay a lot more for them.


Murray Inc. produces a variety of riding mowers under the Murray brand name and they have grouped them into 3 categories.

The mid-engine riders – These Murray riding mowers are ideal for those with small lawns who just want to mow with ease most of them have 30” cutting decks and 5-speed transmission engine power ranges between 10.0hp and 13.0hp.

The Lawn Tractors – These are much bigger machines and are ideal for larger lawns. They also have attachments for accessories like carts. They form the greater part of the Murray riding mower lineup.

Their engine power range is between 12.5hp and 22hp; the Cutting deck range is between 30” to 46”. They could come in automatic hydriautomatic or 5-speed transmission and some of them come with a cart and trimmers.

The Garden Tractors -These are the biggest machines in the Murray riding mowers lineup. They are heavy-duty equipment designed for tough jobs, especially ground-engaging jobs. They work by attaching a specific accessory to it which could be a mower, a disc harrow, a rake, a plow e.t.c.

The Murray garden tractors have 21 – 25 hp engines 46” cutting decks and options of 5-speed transmission or Hydroautomatic drive.

Note Murray Inc produces other riding lawn mowers under the following other brand names in addition to the Murray brand name.

Yardking, Murray Performance, Turfmaster, Murray Select, Dynamark.

Where to Buy Murray Select riding mowers can be found exclusively at home depot stores. Other brands are sold at many other stores. Use the store locator tool on their website to find the store closest to you that sells Murray-riding lawn mowers.