The Benefits of Conservatory Awnings

If you own a conservatory or sunroom, then you may want to also consider installing a conservatory awning. Conservatory awnings are similar to porch awnings or pop-up gazebos in that they provide overhead protection from the sun when needed. The addition of this type of cover allows for added enjoyment of your conservatory all year round.

There are a number of benefits to installing a conservatory awning. The most obvious one is that they shield occupants of the conservatory from the harsh rays of the sun. A conservatory awning can cover the top of a glass roof of a conservatory or sunroom and can also be designed to roll down to cover the side windows as well. By allowing the sides to be covered as well as the roof, the homeowner is provided with increased protection when the angle of the sun shifts in the sky.

In addition to providing protection from the sun, a conservatory awning also offers increased privacy, in much the same way that a caravan awning offers privacy and protection to those looking to enjoy some time spent outside of their caravan while on the road. Since most conservatories are completely constructed from glass, the occupants may sometimes feel a lack of privacy from surrounding neighbors as if they were sitting outdoors in an open space, even though they are indoors. By covering the conservatory with an awning, the homeowner can gain an added measure of privacy. This works especially well during the nighttime hours when the conservatory is being used and the interior lighting would offer an open view to anyone positioned outdoors looking in.

Another great benefit of installing a conservatory awning is that it protects your belongings from fading and premature wear. Since furniture, rugs, carpets and pillows can fade over time due to prolonged exposure to the sun, covering the space with a protective covering can limit that exposure and thus the potential fading and wear to possessions.

Awnings for conservatories also help the room remain cooler during the heat of the day by deflecting some of the sun’s warm rays away from the interior of the home. This is especially important in warm climates where a conservatory can heat up quickly from the sun.

One convenient aspect of conservatory awnings is that they can be used to cover or protect a conservatory when needed and can be rolled back when a homeowner wants a clear view of the outdoors or wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Most are retractable and can be easily and quickly operated as needed.

Blinds for Conservatory FAQ

I get quite a few questions about conservatory blinds, so I thought it would be helpful to put together a little Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) page. If there are any more questions you’d like added to the FAQ, then please leave a quick comment below.

Can I fit conservatory blinds myself?

When buying blinds for a conservatory the vast majority don’t require specialist equipment or knowledge to fit. However, before you buy your blinds you should always make sure you know which kind of fitting they use because not all will fit your conservatory. Different kinds of blinds are also more complicated fit than others. For example, roller blinds are quite straightforward. Roman blinds are also considered one of the easier types to fit yourself.

Which blinds have the most character?

Everyone wants their conservatory to look great and have a lot of character. Often though you have to decide whether you want to have the most stylish blinds or the ones that are easy to maintain. For example, Pinoleum blinds are quite difficult to clean but have a lot of character and will really add to your interior decor. In general, if you want more character from your conservatory blinds then you should go for ones that have some sort of pattern and texture to them.

Which blinds provide the most privacy?

Making sure your conservatory is private is an important factor you must take into account when buying conservatory blinds. One option is to go for blinds which automatically close at certain times of the day so that even if you are away it will appear as if someone is inside. While this might sound like an unnecessary precaution if you’re going away for a long period of time it can be extremely useful.

Which type of conservatory blind provides the most protection from the sun?

Pleated blinds generally provide good protection from the sun and reduce the amount of glare coming into the conservatory. However, roller blinds can be coated with aluminum on the outside making them probably the most effective for reflecting sunlight and reducing the temperature of your conservatory. While getting the right window blinds for reflecting sunlight is important the conservatory roof blinds will probably have to work harder so make sure you buy roof blinds that have a high level of reflectivity.

Which are the best conservatory blinds?

There is no simple answer to this as you need to make sure you choose the right blinds for your own conservatory. However, for the average person, pleated blinds probably strike the right balance between being functional while the same time stylish. However, it’s usually a good idea to go and view various types of blinds to make the right decision for your conservatory.

Conservatory Blinds UK

Despite the recession, I think the market is going to remain strong for conservatory blinds.  UK consumers have for years been investing in conservatories while the economy was on the upswing and their incomes soared, and now that the British economy is on the downswing, although they may not have as much disposable income to throw around, they are going to spend it on smaller items that add value – such as blinds for their conservatories.  And, because most of the best conservatory manufacturers are based in Britain, you are going to get some great deals when buying UK conservatory blinds.

Blinds for conservatories are one of those long-term investments that can add value year on year.  As well as the value that you get from actually using them, day in, day out, they add residual value to the value of your home when you come to sell.  Rather than showing a homebuyer your bare conservatory, harsh sunlight shining through, you’ll be able to show them a well-furnished and homely conservatory.

There are lots of different types of blinds you can buy for your conservatory.  I recommend checking out our homepage, and the other pages listed on the sidebar of this site for a fuller list but, in a nutshell, those types include:

  • Conservatory Roof Blinds
  • Conservatory Roller Blinds
  • Roman Conservatory Blinds
  • Pinoleum Conservatory Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • DIY Blinds for Conservatories

In summary, now is definitely a great time to invest a few pounds in your sunroom and add some stylish and practical new conservatory blinds.