Reasons Why I Think We’re Doing Well Despite The Recession

One reason I think we’ve done well during the recession is the fact that we specialize in manufacturing and supplying DIY Conservatories direct to the UK retail market.

We supply around 800 DIY conservatories per year and believe that we are the only conservatory manufacturer in the UK to manufacture the complete DIY conservatory, which means conservatory roofs, conservatory frames, and our latest addition, steel conservatory bases which we have branded ConservaBase.

DIY conservatories

All this makes our DIY conservatories extremely price competitive and provides the perfect solution to consumers looking to add additional space to their homes at the lowest possible cost, a kind of recession-busting product if you like. In addition to this, we offer our ‘pay nothing for a year’ option which is completely interest-free and enables our customers to save their cash to kit out their new conservatories with flooring, heating, conservatory blinds, and conservatory furniture.

Another reason we do well is the confidence we give to our customers and we achieve this by employing professional sales staff, investing in our presentation, producing a premium quality product without the premium price tag, and providing an after-sales service that is second to none. These days, consumers expect perfection and that is what we continually strive to give them.

DIY conservatories are a lot easier to assemble than people might think, particularly when purchased with a steel conservatory base system. Our steel conservatory bases are unique, they are by far the easiest and fastest steel bases available on the market today and can be fitted in less than 1 day with no builders or bricklayers required, it is completely suitable for DIY installation.

Double Glazing Companies Beware Of Unenforceable Mis-Sold PPI Claims

A couple of weeks ago we received two letters from a specialist PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims firm claiming that we had mis-sold PPI to two of our customers, at the time of signing them up for credit agreements for double glazing installations – one from 2004 and the other one we have no record of at all.

Both letters are identical standard letters apart from the names and addresses of the customers concerned. They did not state the date of the credit agreement, nor did they state the value of the PPI premium we allegedly sold. All they stated was that our representative failed to fully explain the details and conditions of the PPI and in their words “no doubt due to the high commissions we receive”.

The letters also stated that under FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulations, we have 5 days to confirm receipt of their letters, 8 weeks in which we must carry out a full investigation and submit our final response and that under no circumstances must we contact their clients (our customers!).

The two letters were received only one day apart from one another and due to the fact that we no longer sell PPI (and haven’t done for many years) and back in 2020 sold next to none, this is by far too much for coincidence and therefore I strongly believe that the PPI claims firm have been given access to the finance company’s (lender’s) database and that there maybe there is some sort of conspiracy going on there, and I question the legality of this?

I have just taken professional advice on this matter and basically, the situation is what I expected and hoped for. The credit agreement was dated 2020 before sales of PPI were regulated. Therefore they cannot legally win a claim against us and the response time scales they are demanding do not apply. Furthermore, we are completely entitled to contact their clients as they are our customers, and I intend to.

Claims for mis-sold PPI insurance are a big thing at the moment and I’d bet my last dollar that the big players in the industry have received similar letters too, or will do in the near future.

To be honest, the financial claims leaches (and that’s all they are) that are attempting to extort money from good honest companies like ourselves and many others really get under my skin and if my predictions are correct, many other companies in the double glazing and conservatory industry that have been around a while will be receiving these claims.